Intention/Features of DBAppFrame

DBAppFrame basically provides an application framework, that allows the developer to insert self-written modules of any kind. It frees the developer from repetitive tasks, such as building up an application base with navigation, main menu, clipboard support etc., allowing him/her to concentrate on project specific code. Furthermore DBAppFrame contains a database interface, that may support any database. The developer can access this interface to send queries, call stored procedures, read/write binary fields etc. The interface will provide an uniform set of functions, regardless what database is accessed. The developer doesnt have to care what database is used.

Operating System

DBAppFrame has to be implemented on 32-Bit-Windows and Linux. Other operating systems may be supported later on.

Development environment

DBAppFrame should be a cross-plattform-application, so we decided to use Object Pascal with the CLX library (a Qt library modified by Borland). A great IDE for implementation is Borland Delphi 7 on Windows and Borland Kylix 3 on Linux.

Current status and work to do

DBAppFrame already runs as a sample implementation on Windows with an Oracle database interface. The following major steps have to be done to get DBAppFrame on a professional and acceptable level: